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Unique Hand Made Costume Jewellery TAX FREE One of a Kind options


TAX FREE & "One of a Kind" options

Wherever I go I am always looking for new and different beads. Some come from as far as Cartagena, Colombia and as close as my home in Toronto, Canada. Ideas are ever floating in my mind but my greatest inspiration comes from all of the people who surround me and touch my life everyday. From those who are close family and friends to those whose paths I cross daily on the streets the bus and the subway of this great melting pot city that is, Toronto.

Hopefully you might see a reflection of anyone of these people in my designs and they may just be the perfect fit for you. Because in the end we do share many similarities with many people in this world. Please enjoy and thank you for dropping by.



Jewellery Designer

Also available on www.Etsy.com/shop/DesignsbyCMS