Our Mission

At Designs by CMS, our mission is to infuse the soul of global inspiration into meticulously handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. From the vibrant streets of Cartagena, Colombia, to the charming corners of Ottawa, Canada, we source unique, genuine gemstone beads to create wearable art that embodies the stories of diverse individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision at Designs by CMS is to be a conduit of creativity and connection. We envision a world where our jewelry pieces transcend being mere accessories, becoming vessels that carry the echoes of countless stories. By blending the essence of distant cultures with the tapestry of human relationships, we aspire to create pieces that not only enhance personal style but also serve as reminders of the interwoven nature of our lives.

Christine, Designer

Christine, the creative force behind Designs by CMS, is a relentless explorer of beauty and diversity. From Cartagena's vibrant streets to the familiar lanes of Toronto, she scours the world for distinct beads that breathe life into her jewelry. Drawing inspiration from encounters with people near and far, her designs become a canvas for shared human stories. With every piece she crafts, Christine invites you to uncover a fragment of your own narrative, intertwining it with the rich tapestry of global experiences.

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